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SurveyLaw, Inc. is a land surveying and law firm located in Westport, MA. The company is owned by Paul L. Gay, who is a licensed surveyor and licensed attorney. If you need to have your property surveyed of if you need legal services relating to real property, you have come to the right place.

Land Surveying

SurveyLaw specializes in Boundary Surveys, Lot Surveys, Perimeter Surveys, Surveys relating to Boundary Disputes and Adverse Possession. We also do As-Built Plans, Topographic and Forensic Surveying. We are licensed in MA and RI and concentrate in SE MA and coastal RI.

Legal Services

Paul L. Gay is an Attorney licensed in Massachusetts. We can provide legal advice on Adverse Possession, Prescription, Real Estate Sales and Purchases and other Real Property issues. Paul is also a real estate broker and can help clients with sales and purchases of real estate.

Real Estate Brokerage

Paul L. Gay is a licensed real estate broker and can help you with listing your property and making sure that when you enter into a purchase and sales agreement that you structure the agreement is such a way that you are not agreeing to something that you did not expect. Many people think they only need an attorney at closing but when agreeing to purchase real estate it is often more important to consult with an attorney before you sign the purchase and sale agreement, particularly if the agreement contains contingencies. We can help you to structure an agreement that will protect your interests. Once you sign the purchase and sale agreement it is often too late to add a provision that should have been there in the first place.

Drone Imaging

We have FAA licensed Drone Pilots on our staff and can provide imaging for real estate listings. Click Here to go to Drone Imaging.

Paul L. Gay, P.L.S., Esq. owns SurveyLaw, Inc. and has more than 40 years experience in boundary surveying. He teaches boundary surveying at the college level and he is the author of several books on land surveying. More information on Paul can be found by clicking HERE.