SurveyLaw, Inc.

SurveyLaw, Inc. specializes in property line surveys and legal services relating to real property. We also provide real estate sales and MLS listing services. We are licensed to survey property in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The company utilizes the latest technology for its surveying activities. Our equipment includes a Leica Robotic Total station which is capable of the highly precise measurements necessary for original and retracement surveys of boundaries. We also use the latest technology Global Positioning Systems (GPS), more precisely called GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) which uses satellites from the United States (GPS), Russia (GLONASS), Europe (Galileo) and satellites from other nations. Using a multitude of satellites increases the accuracy and precision of measurements. Most of our boundary surveys now make use of both conventional surveying techniques with a total station and GNSS measurements which allow your survey to be tied into the State Plane Coordinate System which has the potential to provide and additional layer of protection should some of your boundary corners become lost over time.

Because Paul L. Gay is an attorney, in many cases we can help clients with problems they may be having with abutting property owners such as boundary disputes, trespass and adverse possession.

Aerial Imaging

SurveyLaw also performs aerial imagery and mapping using drones. Aerial imaging can save considerable time performing locations of objects on the surface of the earth. Our commercial quality drones have the high resolution cameras necessary to capture details from altitude. Because Paul is also a licensed surveyor we can also provide the ground control necessary to georeference images.

Real Estate Brokerage

We are part of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and the Massachusetts Association of Realtors and can help our clients sell their property or help them to find property. We can also advise clients regarding listing agreements and/or purchase and sales agreements. Buyers and Sellers of real estate are advised to consult with a knowledgeable real estate attorney BEFORE signing a listing agreement or signing a purchase and sales agreement. Because these agreement are legally binding contracts, once either is signed it is often too late to make changes and the buyer or seller may be forced to perform the agreement or be subject to costly penalties and/or litigation expenses.

Paul L. Gay, P.L.S., Esq.

Paul L. Gay has been licensed as a professional land surveyor in Massachusetts and Rhode Island since 1989 and has performed hundreds of surveys in MA and RI.  He has worked in all phases of land surveying including, boundary surveying, Land Court surveying,  topographic surveying, construction surveying and establishing control networks.  He is expert at using the latest technology such as robotic total stations and global positioning systems.  He has studied historical surveying techniques which is a great benefit when interpreting surveys that were performed more than 100 years ago using primitive equipment such as chains and compasses.

Paul is also an attorney licensed in Massachusetts.  He has worked primarily in real property law but he also has had experience in family law, contracts, criminal law and corporations.  He has served as an expert witness in boundary disputes from Massachusetts and Rhode Island to Alaska.  He has advised professional clients on matters of professional licensing and malpractice complaints.  Paul has written extensively about boundary surveying and has published several books on the subject.

Paul developed and teaches a college level course on the legal aspects of boundary surveying. The course was made possible with a grant from Massachusetts Association of Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers (MLSCE).

Paul also holds a Real Estate Broker’s license in Massachusetts and, because he is also an attorney, he is able to provide knowledgeable service to his clients who wish to sell their property or to clients who are interested in purchasing property, particularly if it is advisable that the purchase and sale agreement may involve contingencies.

Paul has been a licensed pilot for many years and holds an Airline Transport Pilot’s certificate and Flight Instructor ratings. He also holds an FAA Drone (UAS) license, under Part 107) and the company makes use of drones in some of its surveying activities.

Paul also holds a Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License and Septic Inspector License.

Paul holds an undergraduate degree from U. Mass. Dartmouth, A Masters degree in Geological Sciences from Brown University and a law degree from New England Law.

Recent Publications by Paul L. Gay

Practical Boundary Surveying, Legal and Technical Principles,  Paul L. Gay, Springer Science Publishing in 2015. A text book on Boundary Surveying.

Boundary Surveying in the Metes and Bounds States, Paul L. Gay, 2021.  Provides an overview of boundary surveying in many of the eastern states, with an emphasis on the legal aspects of surveying. Available in Softcover only, 341 pages.

Land Surveying Simplified 2nd Edition, Paul L. Gay, 2021.  An easy to understand introductory book on land surveying intended for homeowners, real estate professionals, attorneys, surveying apprentices and students of surveying and civil engineering. Available on as an eBook or softcover, 169 pages. 

Land Surveying Mathematics Simplified 2nd Edition, Paul L. Gay, 2021.  An easy to understand introductory book on land surveying mathematics intended for professionals, surveying apprentices and students of surveying and civil engineering. Available on as an eBook or softcover, 133 pages. 

Land Surveying Simplified 1st Edition, Paul L. Gay, 2016.  Available as an eBook or softcover. 

Land Surveying Mathematics Simplified, 1st Edition, Paul L. Gay, 2017.  Available as an eBook or softcover. 

A History of Gray’s Mill, Paul L. Gay 2016.  A short history of a grist mill which has been in operation for over 360 years, located in Westport, MA.  Available in softcover.

Wind Turbine Design Simplified – Aerodynamics, Paul L. Gay 2020.  The first book in a series on wind turbine design.  The book is designed as a mid-level college textbook to fill the gap between merely descriptive books and highly technical books. Available as an eBook or softcover.

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