Because of the privileged nature of communications between an attorney and his client, we request that when you contact SurveyLaw that you do so by telephone. We are unable to respond to email inquiries unless you are already a client. If you are experiencing difficulty with an abutter or have some other issue that you believe we may be able to assist you with please feel free to call us so that we can briefly discuss the matter on the telephone. We take confidentiality very seriously and we will not divulge anything that is said during our discussions without our client’s consent. If we are engaged to perform services on your behalf we can discuss the most appropriate methods of remaining in contact as the work progresses. Our practice is to enter into a written fee agreement with our clients. Because the type of work that we routinely engage in is frequently complex we only accept work on an hourly basis. We do not provide fixed priced quotes for either legal services or land surveying services. Our hourly rate is dependent upon whether the work is limited to land surveying activities, legal help or, in some cases both. If you think we may be of assistance please call for an initial consultation which we provide at no cost to potential clients. If we think we may be able to assist you and if you decide to retain us we can then discuss the most advantageous way to proceed.

If you are interested in listing your property with us to be placed on the MLS please call to discuss. There is no cost to you to list the property unless the property sells.

Our office is normally open 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. weekdays with reduced hours in the winter.

SurveyLaw, Inc.,

PO Box 409

Westport Point, MA 02791

(508) 636-9100

Major credit cards accepted.