Land Surveying Services


Land Surveying services offered by SurveyLaw


Land Surveying services. Boundary Surveying is defined as locating the boundaries (property lines) of a parcel of land on the ground. It is often one of the most difficult types of surveying because the establishment of boundaries requires the surveyor to have a detailed understanding of the law governing boundary establishment. Although the surveyor must also be technically skilled in measurement techniques, the legal aspects of boundary establishment are usually the most difficult part of the process. Click the button below to learn more about establishing boundaries.

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Adverse Possession is a type of Unwritten Title.  Unwritten title simply means that it is possible to own land even though you may not have a deed (written title) to the land.  A deed is the primary  evidence of ownership of Real Property (Land) in the U.S.  Adverse possession can cause a land owner to acquire land or to lose land.  For adverse possession to occur there are certain legal elements which must be satisfied.  Click the button below for a more complete description of adverse possession. 

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SurveyLaw can also perform surveys for the division of a parcel of land into multiple parcels or “lots”. This is sometimes referred to as a “Subdivision”. Under Massachusetts and Rhode Island zoning and subdivision laws the creation of new parcels of land from a larger parcel must meet certain statutory requirements. These requirements vary somewhat in every city or town and are usually established and overseen by the local Planning Department. In many cases there are numerous ways in which a large parcel of land can be subdivided. If you have a parcel of land that you would like to divide please contact us so that we can discuss the most cost effective way to divide the property.



Aerial mapping with drones is a fast and relatively inexpensive alternative to using fixed wing aircraft or helicopters. The availability of commercial drones with onboard GPS and high resolution cameras allows them to be used in many land surveying projects. Because SurveyLaw is owned by a licensed land surveyor we can establish ground control which must be performed by a licensed surveyor, whereas other drone operators who do not have a licensed surveyor on staff will need to engage the services of a surveying firm. Establishing ground control before a drone flight allows the images to be georeferenced (tied to state plane coordinates) so that the images can be scaled and rotated in order for the images to accurately represent actual conditions on the ground.


Forensic Surveying and Expert Witness Services

Forensic surveying is often required when it is necessary to present evidence of some physical feature on the ground to a court of law. The word “forensic” refers to using science or technology as a means of presenting evidence in a court of law. The expert witness who, in this case is the surveyor, will need to present evidence and opinions to a judge and jury. The surveyor must therefore be skilled in the persuasive presentation of evidence. The surveyor must understand the rules of evidence and the laws to which the evidence pertains in order to effectively and convincingly present the evidence. Because Paul Gay is both an experienced and licensed land surveyor and attorney he is uniquely qualified to act in the capacity of an expert witness.

Massachusetts Interactive Property Map

If you live in Massachusetts there is a GIS (Geographic Information System) map available for the entire state where you can look up any address and see information such as the owner, the lot size and book and page where the deed is recorded. Much of this information comes from the local assessor’s office. All you need to do is to click on the link below and type the address into the search box and the map will zoom in to the parcel of land having that address. Click on the link below to go to the MA GIS web site.

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Some of the types of Surveys Performed by SurveyLaw

  • Boundary Surveys
  • Massachusetts Land Court Surveys
  • Perimeter Boundary Surveys of Large Tracts
  • Lot Stake outs
  • Utility Surveys
  • ALTA/ACSM Surveys
  • Wetland Flag Location Surveys
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Highway Layout Surveys
  • Approval Not Required Surveys
  • Adverse Possession Surveys
  • Easement and Prescription Surveys
  • Construction Surveys
  • Cell Tower Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • GPS Control Surveys
  • Surveys to tie property into the State Plane Coordinate System.
  • Surveys for Subdivisions

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