Surveying Methodology

SurveyLaw owns surveying equipment incorporating the latest technology.  Total Stations (theodolites with integrated distance measuring devices) and Robotic Total Stations are the most commonly used instruments for boundary surveying.  The Total Stations have the capability of measuring to a prism or to physical objects using reflectorless technology.  A light beam is sent by the total station to the prism or object which is reflected back to the instrument which then precisely calculates the distance within about 1/8 of an inch.  All instrumentation is frequently serviced and calibrated to ensure the highest level of accuracy and precision. 

Global Positioning (GPS and GNSS) is also used for surveys, particularly when it is desirable to tie the survey into the State Plane Coordinate System.  GNSS allows surveys to be quickly and inexpensively tied to State Plane. Connecting a survey to State Plane provides the property owner with the advantage of being able to replace lost boundary corners without the necessity of local control. In other words, because survey grade GNSS receivers are able to fix locations on the surface of the earth with centimeter level precision, even if the boundary corners set by the surveyor are lost or destroyed, they are easily replaced using GNSS.


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